Truth is power, and styku is truth. Styku’s presentation of physical assessment data is the most potent, accurate, and thorough ever; it is 76% more accurate than readings from the most accomplished hand-measuring professionals. Styku is a powerful 3D scanning mechanism in San Diego CA that gathers and presents fitness levels both in conventional numerical terms and through breath-taking 3-dimensional modeling. You may monitor actual changes in your body as it responds to exercise and dietary advice by processing and displaying measurement data, shape, body composition, and other information. You’ll see your development and yourself for who you truly are for the first time.


Styku has taken the place of cumbersome calipers, uncomfortable tape measures, and iffy handheld analyzers. Styku is quick and non-intrusive. To use it, all you need to do is stand on the turntable with your arms slightly extended, face forward, and in a relaxed position. Then, keep still for 30 seconds as the platform rotates. Following the completion of the scan, Styku presents a precise 3D model of you that can be viewed from a number of angles. Styku collects millions of data points and 600 infrared photos. For a realistic view of progress, you can rotate, pan, zoom, and nest silhouettes. As you work toward your fitness and health goals, it’s a genuine, unbiased approach to assess your success.